I am a Safe Date Background Check


Meeting someone new? Show them you are a safe date!

If you are meeting someone from a dating website or offline, they may request a background check to ensure they are meeting with a safe person. This is the perfect background check to give your new date the security he or she will need to meet you offline.


Your dating background check includes:

  • SSN Address Locator
  • County Criminal Search (2 names/ 3 counties)
  • Anti-terrorist Search
  • Nationwide Sex Offender Registry

Simply click on 'Add to Cart' and purchase your background check. You will recieve a confirmation email with instructions to obtain and review your background check.

The great thing about getting your own background check prior to others viewing it is so you can ensure it is accurate! Discrepancy rates on background checks due to stolen social security numbers and common names rate at approximately 2 million annually according to the Social Security Administration. MyBackgroundCheck helps you take control of your personal information!