How it Works

Ordering personal or small business background checks is quick and easy with Please review the information provided here and if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact our customer service department at 800-300-1821.

Small Business Background Checks 

At MyBackgroundCheck , small businesses have the advantage of ordering enterprise quality background checks without the obligation of long term commitments and high contract minimums - at very affordable prices. We offer small '10' quantity packages with the searches designed just for small businesses so you can order when you need them and order based on your unique hiring schedule. When you need more, just order another package when you are ready.

  1. Choose your Small Business Background Check package.
  2. Checkout through our secure payment system.
  3. You will receive a an email from customer service with a link to fill out your information and instructions on ordering for your applicants through our customer portal. You can also invite applicants to fill out the background check forms directly from our easy to use portal.
  4. Once we receive your information, your order will be processed and you will be notified when your background check is received.
  5. Once your account is active, you may access your account on our secure customer portal where you can continue to order background checks as needed and view reports.
  6. NOTE: When you purchase the 'Quantity 10' packages, you are not required to order all 10 background checks at once. You can order one now if needed and then log into the portal and order more when needed.

Personal Background Checks 

When you obtain your own background check from Pre-employ, you have the many benefits of reviewing what others are going to see before they view it, correcting errors, and sharing it with only those you want to see it.

After you receive your personal background check, you can share a code with whom you allow to see your background check and they can view it in our secure portal - or you can print it.

  1. Choose the type of background check you need. You can order specific background checks for employment or volunteering. 
  2. Checkout through your secure payment system.
  3. You will receive an email with a link to fill out your information and begin the background check processing.
  4. You will receive and email with instructions to view your background checks as soon as it is received where you can print them or share a code for others to view it.
  5. If you find inaccuracies on your background check, the reporting agencies providing the information can be contacted to start the dispute process.

Why Order From Us 

MyBackgroundCheck was the first personal background screening service on the web and it is powered by, a leading background screening firm that has been trusted by Fortune 1000 companies since 1994.

Other online background check companies claim 'free' or 'instant' background checks, but you may not be getting an accurate report. They are pulling their records from massive databases that are rarely updated, and don't have the ability to differentiate common names.

By ordering from Pre-employ, you know you are getting an accurate and FCRA compliant background check and credit report, and they meet all state and federal regulations for employers and volunteer organizations.

And if you need assistance, our friendly U.S. based customer service team is always here to help you, just call 800-300-1821!