My Personal Background Check


View Your Own Background Check Before Others

Whether applying for a new rental, job, or even a date, you want to know what is on your background check report before others do. By receiving your background check before sharing, you have control over your data. 

My Background Check gives you control over your personal information and allows you to correct any mistakes that may be an issue on your reports.

1) ORDER & ENTER Your Infomation

2) VIEW Your Background Check First

2) CORRECT Any Inaccurate Information 

3) DOWNLOAD, PRINT, SHARE Your Background Check

What Searches Are Included?

  • (1) County Criminal Search [2 Names]
  • (3) Counties validated with the SSN Locator Search Tool (additional $95.00 fee for each county in NY)
  • (1) Personal Reference Verification

Once purchased, you will receive an email from with a link to submit your information to our system. When your background check is ready, you will receive a notification to view it in our customer portal.